Girls Meet Guns Party
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Two hours of fun and private group instruction for your next girlfriend get together! Start building the knowledge, confidence and skills to handle handguns while in a comfortable environment with your friends. Your entire party will be introduced to shooting, get a chance to “shoot” during a laser shooting session, and then end with a friendly shooting competition.
  • Great for groups of 8 or less
  • Hostess for parties of 4 or more attend FREE!
  • Two hours of learning, simulated shooting and fun – BEST VALUE in the area!
  • Learn with your friends
  • Excellent for those that are apprehensive around guns – No live fire, ammo, noise, recoil, smell, or pressure
  • Learn about handguns, how they work, how to safely handle them, and their differences
  • Handle handguns safely and become more comfortable handling them
  • Shoot with lasers and laser targets, using real firearms so you can almost fully experience using a handgun (Minus the recoil, smell and sound)
  • Have a FUN experience and learn at the same time
  • Build confidence
  • Supportive environment- Your home, your friends
  • Parties are designed to be small so everyone gets one on one attention and instruction.
  • Perfect basic introductory class and stepping stone to more instruction if you desire
  • No crowds, loud range, or intimidation
  • Female certified NRA Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun) & NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Instructor
  • All Firearm Safety Rules will be followed during the entire session
  • There will be NO LIVE Ammunition allowed
  • No alcohol before or during the training session, however food and non-alcoholic drinks are encouraged

Have Your Own Girls Meet Guns Party!

Ranges charge $50 and up per hour for instruction. The Girls Meet Guns Party is designed for new shooters, females who want to introduce shooting to their friends, and those who are scared of guns. It is also for ladies looking for something *NEW* to do during their time together or girls night out.  This is an excellent value for you and your friends.

Mountain Girl Outdoors can host your party in our classroom or you can host one at your home. Your choice!  Also, Mountain Girl Outdoors hosts parties for the community that are open to all females to attend!

Cost: $25 per person.  There is a 3 person minimum for parties within 20 miles of Mountain Girl Outdoors and a 5 person minimum for parties outside 20 miles.  If hosted at Mountain Girl Outdoors, the host is responsible for food, drinks, etc.

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Monday-Thursday: 5:00-9:00 pm                                                      
Friday: 5:00-10:00 pm                                                                          
Saturday & Sunday: All Day and Evening