Private Instruction and Shopping Services

Do you want to get involved in the great outdoors and feel like you need one on one help or feel uncomfortable in a large group setting?  We offer individual and small group instruction and guiding services.  Anything that we offer as a large group we can tailor to an individual or small group. 

When it comes to equipment, are you having trouble with where to start looking?  Are you struggling with what kind of equipment you need or want?  Do you need help finding something specific?  Would you like to try before you buy?  MGO can help with all of that too.  We offer private consultation for clients by accompanying them on shopping trips or will do the shopping for you as a personal shopper.  We can also provide pre-purchase price comparison, product research, rentals, and loaners.  Again taking the stress out of the adventure for you by taking on the undesirable parts and leaving the fun parts to you.  Please let us know how we can assist you through our CONTACT page.